Our garments are ethically designed and manufactured in Colombia. Together with a team of talented entrepreneurs, we create capsule collections inspired by real women.
Our colourful lingerie is made in a variety of matching designs and shapes that can be mixed and matched to fit with your style but more importantly, with your unique body. 
We care deeply about who makes our products, what materials are used and how they are distributed, that is why we control the whole supply chain! No easy task, but we love every step of the way.



We focus on empowering the people that work within our value chain so we can influence their well begin:

  • In the fashion industry, most seamstress are women and single mothers, who take these jobs to support their family. Hence, we pay above average wages and train them to improve their techniques and knowledge. This helps them expand their current business horizons.
  • We work with talented professionals in different areas, so we can offer them opportunities to grow professionally and personally.



We put every effort on minimizing the environmental impact of our manufacturing process.

  • Our fabrics are digitally printed, as this is the most sustainable technique to create colourful fabrics, because it uses almost no water.
  • NO WASTE is generated from any of our collections, hence we keep all production left overs to create new, wonderful garments with them.


Empower choice

Underwear is such a personal experience. Every day you choose which panty and which bra to wear and this is a choice that is for yourself to make! In a world that imposes so many givens… we love the freedom to choose!

We know that choosing a conscious lifestyle sometimes comes at expense of style, that is why we created our ethical lingerie in different colours, shapes and sizes to fit with different body shapes and styles, and even better to #MixAndMatch

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         About the Founders




    I am Daniela, born in Caracas, Venezuela.

    Like Ana, I moved to Germany with a thirst of adventures. We know each other since many years, not only are we close friends, but we also worked together in various projects. We have similar principles and consequently we are quite different in our talents. Admittedly, I am a silent geek of supply chains, how they work, who is involve and above all what they can achieve. “It is Trade not Aid” goes that famous campaign, and I truly believe in it.

    One afternoon, talking with Ana about her new endeavour and I became fascinated with the idea of Nereida as a start-up… so, very easily I was convinced that it was time for yet another adventure! 



    I am Ana, born and raised in Medellín, Colombia. At first, I moved to Germany looking to open more opportunities for my future, but certainly, I did not forget the beautiful place I come from and how it could use some help, so I created Nereida.

    What started with a magical touch of naivety, suddenly became this wonderful, complex and incredible rewarding project. At first, there wasn’t much strategic thinking at the beginning, just an inherent desire to see things through!

    Textile production and manufacturing is one of Colombia’s main industries, which is mainly comprised of single mothers working to support their families. This was how finally it all came together: perfect personal project which as a result empower others to thrive!