Full Coverage


Full coverage means full support. It is a bra that covers most of your breast and its mission is to shape whilst confortably covering your breast for a sexy and enchanting bosom. No need to worry over spillage or “double-boob” effect, your Nereida full coverage has you covered!

When would I use my Nereida full coverage bra: any time! but be aware, if you are wearing a dress or shirt with a lot of cleavage you might want to consider a front-closure bra


Push Up


The ultimate sexy bra, push up give the best cleavage among all other bra styles by gently pushing the breasts closer together and lifting them upwards. This also means that your breasts will look bigger and fuller. At Nereida, we like to wear our push-up bras under a low-cut dress for a super sexy effect

When would I use my Nereida Push-Up bra: low-cuts, blouses and shirts. Using button-down shirts? Maybe you then want to consider a Nereida t-shirt or full coverage bra that avoids buttons from opening




As the name suggests, strapless bras can be worn perfectly without straps as they are designed not to fall off without them. This style is perfect for shoulder-baring outfits. Our Nereida strapless also come with the straps, so you can attach them in case of using other tops or dresses.

When would I use my Nereida strapless bra: obviously under strapless dresses or tops, but we have a secret: we love wearing a Nereida strapless bra under tight dresses as it compresses the breasts a little making the chest look neater




Wireless or wire-free bras are bras that don’t have an underwire. As simple as that! This type of bra is starting to be very popular because they are more comfortable than wired bras, although they don’t offer as much support and shape.

When would I use my Nereida wireless: well, anytime! We would use wireless bras even when lazying around home, that is how confortable they are!


Front Closure


Ever struggle to put on, take off your bra? Not any more with our front closure bras! The closure is in the front with clasps instead of in the back with hooks, resulting in a smooth and almost invisible back line.

When would I use my Nereida front closure bra: you can use them any time, specially with tops or dresses that bear parts of the back. Using a halter top? our beautiful Nereida front closure bra can be the perfect compliment to your outfit




Sport bra confort meets ultra femininity. Bralletes are unlined, unpadded and wireless bras, super confortable and super sexy, perfect if you have small or medium size breast.

When would I use my Nereida bralette: any time you want confort and don’t require much support or coverage. Ultra enchanting tip? Wear your Nereida bralette under a jacket or under a top that allows you to slightly show the beautiful lace detail.




Longline bras provide extended band coverage and more support than the other bra styles. Most of the longline bras also have a slimming effect on your waist and can thus give you a sexier look. They are a great choice if you are looking for a better posture and provide relief from back and shoulder pain.

When would I use my Nereida longline bra: anytime you want to have a little more support or when you are looking for a sleeker silouette. it also looks irresistible
under a tight cocktail dress or gown!




Sport bras are designed to provide support to the breast during workout. They are firmer than the other bra styles as they need to prevent bounce and minimize movement, this helps to protect your back and your breasts.