Sea Wonderland, Colourful meets Conscious

Funky designs + delicate lace  + amazing vibes of the people that sew them= you will fall in love #colourfulmeetsconscious

But what is behind all of this? Plenty of dreams, countless hours of work and the amazing dedication of a team of young entrepreneurs!

Nereida is a startup brand born in Bremen, Germany. Sea Wonderland is our “first collection”. We took care of every little detail: from designing the fabrics to having all seamstresses autograph every single piece, as we think is important to connect everything we buy to the person behind the seams (pun intended!) .

Luisa (chief designer and sweetest person you’ll meet) designed styles and fabrics, overlooking the whole production process in Colombia. She took on the challenge of combining 3 different patterns, inspired in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. We chose to name our fabrics after  Montipora, Staghorn and Mushroom corals, as they are sadly endangered due to human activity. We hope these names can help to raise awareness of the issues we bring upon the environment and therefore upon ourselves.

Our first step to making our garments fully environmental friendly is by digitally printing our fabrics as this saves water, toxic dyes and allows us to make the right amount we need, therefore reducing production leftovers (which we are keeping stored waiting to be sewn into other wonderful pieces).

Nereida’s garments are designed and handmade in Antioquia, Colombia. 

Antioquia is a stronghold for textile manufacturing in Colombia. The industry has been struggling over the past years due to competitiveness of chinese textile imports, in 2017 only the sector lost nearly 50000 jobs.  The best way to help? With “Trade not Aid”

Our small production gives our partners a chance to do higher value garments which increases their skills and wages. This in turn is the key to finding more opportunities, to improve their livelihoods and that of their families.

“These bras are like making a puzzle of many little pieces” Is what Joha our badass seamstress kept saying whilst making this collection.

Joha is a super-talented, self-started entrepreneur and owner of her own studio. She has won many prices and invested all the money in her studio, where she employs 7 other talented seamstress (who she herself trains). Exporting to Germany has been a massive highlight for her and the team… it was a combination of excitement, nervousness and massive pride!

When you wear one of our bras, you will feel the love and amazing vibes Luisa, Joha & Team put into making this collection!

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