This section is meant to help you find the right size for your Nereida’s bra and panties.

Bra Size


Step #2: measure your overbust  

Step #1: measure your underbust

If you are buying a padded bra (a Full Cup – T-shirt- Push-up or Strapless model):

Bra size varies depending on where you are from: if you are used to German Bras your band (underbust) size could be for example 85… but the equivalent in UK/US is 38!

To make it easier, we did all the work in figuring out sizes. So first choose below your country (or the country where you buy your bras), so that we talk in the same bra-language.

It is important that you measure your burst as per the 2 steps below, as the underburst determines your band (or the number) and the overburst your cup (or the letter).

Tips for perfect measures:

  • Measure in front of a mirror (or ask your partner for help!)
  • Keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor.
  • Measurement should be done whilst wearing the bra that you find the most comfortable and fits the best (ideally one with soft cups or no cups).

Size Chart for


Bralette or Unpadded Bras

If you are buying a unpadded bra (Bralette or Unwired-bralette model):

We size our bralettes like most tops (so S= small; M=medium and L=large). Equivalence based on the measurements above are as follows:

Knickers Size


Knickers are a bit easier than bras! Measure your waist circumference and check the size below

Step #1: measure the centimeters of your hip