Why @ Nereida we love lingerie

Lingerie is such a personal experience. Everyday you choose which panty and which bra to wear: whether you have a big event and you choose the special pair that best highlights your curves, or you are just on-the-go and grab whatever is most comfortable. Maybe you love thongs, bralettes, lace, colors, nudes… it is always about a choice, your choice.

It is also an intimate choice. You can decide how, when and to whom you show your undies. It is a choice that is for you to enjoy, and in a world that imposes so many givens… we love to choose!

Sometime ago we reflected that when you want to buy a pair of matching lingerie, you are always restricted to a panty style that maybe doesn’t favor you or you simply don’t like… with Nereida we wanted to change that. We make small collections that you can always mix and match: panties with more (or less) coverage for you bum, different types of bras to fit your lifestyle. It’s all about the choice (and the bass as Meghan Trainor’s song).

It is a choice that has an impact on your day. I am sure all the ladies out there have had days of bra ribs sticking through your skin like a pair of knives, or panties that, well didn’t quite find the right place to be. Alternatively, I am also certain that sometimes you have felt the sort of “magic” underwear has when THAT bra makes you feel powerful, makes you ready to eat the world. I talk about push up bra that makes you feel sexy, I talk about the lace front closure bra that makes you feel irresistible, the bralette that just makes you feel comfortable.

This is the meaning of enchanting for Nereida, and that’s what we love.

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